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NJR Web | Design | Marketing offer appropriate website projects that will bring clients to you, within your budget.



We encourage web site owners to maintain the content and elements of an open-source package independently.

This ensures the content and tone will always be exactly on message for your business.

Sometimes a real understanding of source code is required, that’s where we help.

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I play trombone in Bright Street Big Band band and occasional blues band.

Facebook is wonderful for groups and Societies but a website still has its place.

About NJR Web | Design | Marketing

based in Washington | Tyne and Wear | ENGLAND
The range & scope of the World Wide Web is enormous

For us, the size of your web site development is not an issue, we have hand-built web portals, open-source and commercial closed source projects, Joomla CMS and Shopify hosted sites in our portfolio.

If none of those words mean anything to you, don't worry as our approach is that clients will always be supplied a web site appropriate to their needs.

When open source content management systems were first introduced it seemed a good idea to give clients the option to upgrade websites independently. This still holds true but we now know that 98% of the content updates will be passed on to us. and that's just fine ........................

  • You have an idea and need a software solution.
    Contact NJR Web | Design | Marketing to discuss your options. We have access to a complete range of talent to deliver your project on budget with

    • on-going support SLA
    • IP assignment
    • access to a complete range of design, coding and marketing skills

  • If joomla or Wordpress are your preferred CMS we can help

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